Please see the COURSES link for details of a Bat Survey Class Licence LEVEL 2 Training Course in 2018


In the United Kingdom, all bats are protected species. Anything which disturbs bats themselves, or significantly disturbs or alters their roosts requires an appropriate licence. Volunteer bat roost visitors, bat group members who want to check bat boxes and consultants undertaking survey work also need to be licensed.
There is no substituate for practical experience gained in the field. Anyone who wants to obtain a bat licence should aim to get out and about watching bats as much as possible. Attending training courses will help but cannot provide the necessary experience alone.
Gail offers tailored half-day (or longer) training sessions in practical bat handling and identification for individuals or small numbers of trainees. Please contact her for further details.


In August 2017, Gail developed and piloted a new type of course, co-tutored by expereinced bat workers Jo Gregory and David Marshall.

Nine people already holding a bat licence at Level 1 were trained in the techniques required to upgrade to level 2. We spent 4 days focussing on bat handling, catching bats in hand held nets and use of endoscopes with a high ratio of 1 tutor to 3 students.

All nine students completed the course to the requried standard and were given a reference to add the level 2 activities onto their bat survey licence.

We expect to run this course again in 2018 so please get in touch if you are interested.


During 2014/15, Gail worked in partnership with experienced bat worker Shirley Martin to deliver bat licence training. If you have practical experience of bats gained in the field, we may be able to offer intensive training and a reference for your Natural England class licence application. This is of particular interest to environmental consultants who would like to be able to offer bat-related services to their clients.
Gail and Shirley are both recognised qualified trainers, and can assist you whether you want to become a volunteer bat worker, or need your bat licence for consultancy work. Please navigate to our Courses page for more details.


As a long time bat carer, Gail has helped train new bat carers for the Welsh Bat Groups and Devon Bat Group
Gailtravelled to Essex to run a bat care workshop for the Essex Bat Group members in April 2017.
Gail also runs bat handling workshops at various Bat Conferences..